Heel Fissures

Heel FissuresDefinition
Heel fissures also known as cracked heels are a common problem. Heel fissures can be superficial or deep, causing pain and (or) bleeding. Heel fissures can become serious when untreated because of possibility of infection. Heel fissures should be taken seriously and treated especially in people with diabetes or compromised immune systems.


Commonly caused by going barefoot or wearing open backed shoes, not wearing proper socks, obesity, dry climate, heredity, inactive sweat and oil glands which is commonly associated with diabetes.

Treatment and Prevention

Daily moisturizing helps prevent fissures. Special heel moisturizers are available over the counter and prescription softening and moisturizing lotions are available from foot doctors. Abrasives can help decrease thick dry skin. Avoid going barefoot and always wear quality socks. Many gel heel pads are infused with mineral oils and help soften and heal. If the problem persists see your foot doctor.