Ingrown Toe Nails

Ingrown Toe NailsDefinition:
Ingrown toe nails are a painful condition that occurs when the skin on one or both sides of the nail grow over the edge of the nail or when the nail grows into the skin itself. Infection is common as well as redness and swelling.


In many cases the nail is larger than normal or curved in profile which impedes excessively on the nail bed edges. Arthritis and trauma can be a cause or pointed narrow shoes that squeeze the toes can contribute as well. Cutting the nails short and rounding the corners allows the nail to curl growing into the skin.

Treatment and Prevention

An infected ingrown toenail should be treated by a foot doctor. Mild cases should be soaked in warm salt water, dried throughly, bandaged and treated with antiseptic. Proper trimming of toe nails includes using a safety nail trimmer, cutting the nail straight across so that the nail corner is visible. Corners of the nail should be gently rounded with an emery board paying attention to corners which could rub the other toes. If the problem persists consult your foot doctor.