Pregnancy and Footwear

Pregnancy and Footwear Pregnancy and Foot Care During pregnancy a woman's feet may expand a half to a full size, sometimes more. This is from a multitude of reasons including weight gain and increasing levels of the hormone relaxing in the body. The natural processes that allow the body to expand and later give birth allow the feet and legs to swell and expand.

For a lot of women this is the most important time of their lives to put on supportive footwear to avoid pain and keep the foot from "breaking down" and spreading. Compression socks are also very important during pregnancy to prevent pooling of body fluids in the legs and increase circulation. Pregnant women should walk for health and it is hard to do with swollen legs and tired, achy feet. Ask one of our certified pedorthists or certified compression hose fitters for help during your pregnancy. We support mom and baby.