Shoe Modifications

We have a full service foot orthotic and shoe modification lab to serve you. Let the biggest shoe lab in the state of Idaho work for you. Here are a few of the modifications we offer. Please call or come in for specific help.

  • Rocker soles-rocker soled shoes have been confirmed in several studies to reduce pain during gait. Depending on how the rocker sole addition is designed it will function differently.
  • Lifts-anyone with a leg length difference will need an elevation in the sole or inside the shoe to walk normally.
  • Stretching- we can give a little more room to one or both shoes.
  • Widening-mostly used if the customer wears a bulky A.F.O. type of brace, the shoe can be relasted to a wider size.
  • Sole flares, also called a buttress, used to add width and stability ti the sole profile to decrease inversion and or eversion.
  • Stabilizers-same as a sole flare but with material extending up onto the upper area of the shoe for added rigidity.